Essays In The History And Contemporary Culture Of Astrology

Edited by Frances Clynes
ISBN: 978-1-967767-14-2
8 Aug 2022
Paperback; 210 pages

Astrology claims that meaning can be identified in the nature and movements of the celestial bodies. It exists is most human cultures and thrives in the modern world as a feature of popular culture. Modern western astrology has its roots in the classical Greek world and, before then, in the ancient Near East, and its popularity represents a remarkable survival of a world view which held that all things are interconnected and interrelated.

Skylights breaks new scholarly ground with its analyses of the diverse theoretical assumptions and practices of modern astrology. Beginning with three chapters on aspects of astrology in the classical Greek, Islamic and Medieval European worlds, the book moves into eight chapters on topics which, together, have never been the focus of academic attention. They consider the nature of astrology as a language, it’s approach to history, application of the classical concept of the daimon, theory of the soul, adaption of psychology, and popularisation in the media.

The book will appeal to those interested in the background and intellectual contexts of astrology, the history of ideas and esotericism, alternative and New Age spiritualities, popular culture and the study of astronomy and culture in the modern world.

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About the Editor

Frances Clynes is a tutor in the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, currently teaching  on the Sky and Psyche and Sacred Geography modules. I also supervise MA dissertation students and provide IT Support. She works as a Computing Lecturer in a Dublin college and as a tutor on the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. I am also a Distance Learning and Online Tutor with the Faculty of Astrological Studies as well as their IT Manager. She is a member of the European Society for Astronomy in Culture, a Board member of the Astrological Association, and a Council member and tutor with the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Her academic interests include ongoing research in the area of dualism, the Internet and astrology, Irish mythology and the Irish Neolithic monuments, Alan Leo, and C. G. Jung with particular interest in the Liber Novus.

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