Ecology and Spirituality

A Brief Introduction

by Jack Hunter

ISBN: 978-1-907767-23-4 (paperback) 978-1-907767-67-8 (ebook)
14 May 2023
£19.99, $24.00
Paperback; 213 pages

Jack Hunter’s introduction to ecology and spirituality tackles a new topic in the emerging discipline of Environmental Humanities, focusing on the reality that, for many people, saving the planet is inseparable from their sense of the spiritual in nature.
Ecology is the science of interconnection, the examination of the ways in which everything in the natural world is interdependent. Spirituality is the sense that there is something deeper, or beyond, the material world. Jack Hunter’s book is an accessible introduction to the ways in which these two areas combine and are compatible. The book ranges across the origins of ecology, the nature of spirituality and religion, the evidence for non-human intelligence, ecopsychology and the ecological self. It examines animism, parapsychology and sacred geography. Finally, it suggests some ways forward: recognising the sacred in nature as an aid to well-being, permaculture as the most sustainable form of agriculture, and placing an awareness of nature at the centre of education.


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In the midst of dire ecocide, this timely book reminds us that it is also a time of new opportunities for intelligence, passion and idealism in the service of the Earth and all Earthlings, including humans. Part of that process, as Hunter shows, requires loosening the grip of materialist technoscientism on the general cultural conversation. Yet it is also important not to tip into its opposite, Romantic supernaturalism. For those emerging into this new intellectual landscape, Ecology and Spirituality provides and invaluable guide to re-minding life – and, just as importantly, ecologising mind – while remaining thoroughly grounded.

Patrick Curry, author of Enchantment: Wonder in Modern Life.


Jack Hunter is a lecturer at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, teaching on the University’s MA in Ecology and Spirituality. His other books include Folklore, People and Place: International Perspectives on Tourism and Tradition in Storied Places, with Rachael Ironside (2023) and Greening the Paranormal: Exploring the Ecology of Extraordinary Experience (2019). He is a Fellow of the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre

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