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  • Series: Sophia Centre Master Monograph
  • ISBN-13: 978-1907767401
  • Paperback: 162 pages
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.4 x 8 inches


This work radically rethinks astrology’s place in society. Emerging when cultures were embedded in chaotic creation mythology, astrology has persisted into modern society. Reasons for this longevity are an enigma, yet the answer may lie in chaos theory and complexity. These theories reveal that the themes of coincidence and cycles, constitutive of chaotic creation mythologies, are in fact the common features of a lived life experience. Brady argues that astrology is actually a vernacular expression of chaos and complexity, and it thus offers insights into the efficacy of the synchronicities of life. Brady thereby offers us a profound reassessment of astrology and its cultural contexts.

Cosmos, Chaosmos and Astrology

Rethinking the Nature of Astrology

Table of Contents




List of Figures

Chapter 1: Introduction

The Nature of Chaosmos

The Nature of Cosmos

The Attributes of Astrology

Chapter 2: Creation Mythology, Three Paths to Order

Order Created by Emergence

Chaosmos, Sumpatheia and Omens

Order Created Out of Conflict

Order Created Out of Intellect

Chapter 3: The Privileging of Cosmos

The Rise of Cosmos

Chaosmos and the ‘Hocus Pocus’ of the Common Folk

Chapter 4: Astrology, the Question of Science or Spirit

The Philosophical Origins of Astrology

Cosmos and the Enigmatic Presence of Astrology

Chapter 5: The Return of Chaos

Linear and Non-Linear Systems

A Brief Overview of Chaos Theory and Complexity

Two Types of Chaos: Entropic and Deterministic

Complexity: A State of Becoming

Fractals and the Patterns of Life

Bifurcations: The Way That Change Enters Life

Rituals, Superstition and Omens

Attractors: The Ghost in the Machine

Chapter 6: Mapping Astrology to Chaos and Complexity

Quality Rather Than Exactness: Life as Complicated

Self-Similarity and Scale Invariance: The Astrological Use of Cycles

Phase Portraits and Horoscopes

Planetary Patterns and Strange Attractors

HOPF Bifurcations: The Range of Expression Within a Planetary Combination

Saddle Points and Homeostasis: The Sensitivity of Horoscopic Points

Chapter 7: Astrology and Chaosmos


Glossary of Technical Terms

Chaos and Complexity Terms

Astrological Terms



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