ISBN 978-0863155666
Paperback 240 pages
Publisher: Floris Books; Annotated edition (21 Sept. 2006)
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The relationship between the human soul and the stars has been central to the spiritual and esoteric traditions of Western thought, and many other cultures, for thousands of years. Medieval Christians thought that heaven was located above the earth, beyond the stars. Our modern society, however, has largely severed the relationship between the human spirit and the sky.

This book explores ideas, beliefs and practices which meet at the boundary of psychology and cosmology, the universe and human imagination. This book addresses this special relationship from a variety of challenging and inspiring approaches.

The contributors include James Hillman, the founder of archetypal psychology and Jungian analyst; astrologer Liz Greene; Professor Neville Brown of Mansfield College, Oxford; Nicholas Pearson of the Temenos Academy; Professor Jarita Holbrook of the University of Arizona; Dr Angela Vos of the University of Kent; Bernadette Brady; Jules Cashford; Noel Cobb, the former editor of Sphinx; Cherry Gilchrist; Robert Hand; and Professor Richard Tarnas of the California Institute of Integral Studies.


“The 12 chapters here each have the potential to inspire, depending on the reader’s own contact with psyche. Those who see the sky as little more than a medium for cheap flights for escapist holidays are, sadly, unlikely to choose this book for aeroplane reading but if they did one might expect almost a human alchemical insight.”
~Northern Earth, Dec. 2006

“Two conferences initiated by the Sophia Centre at Bath Spa University last year resulted in the publication of Sky and Psyche…in which astrologers and others reflect on the relationship between the human soul and the stars. Their intention was ‘not to come up with conclusions but to exchange ideas’; they have succeeded admirably.”
~The Christian Parapsychologist, Dec. 2006

“There is no doubt that its various authors have combined to create a book of considerable importance, and one that can be strongly recommended to astrologers, psychotherapists, and all who are concerned with trying to understand our place within the cycle and images of the world.’
~Mike Harding, Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research in Astrology

Sky and Psyche

The Relationship Between Cosmos and Consciousness

Table of Contents

Introduction: Sky and Psyche: Heaven and Soul
~Nicholas Campion

Part I: The Alchemical Sky

1. Love and the Alchemical Saturn
~Liz Greene

2. The Azure Vault: The Caelum as Experience
~James Hillman

Part II: Sky and Psyche

3. Chartres Cathedral and the Role of the Sun in the Cathedral’s Christian Platonist Theology
~Bernadette Brady

4. Life Across the Cosmos
~Neville Brown

5. Imagining Eternity: Weaving ‘The Heavens’ Embroidered Cloths’
~Jules Cashford

6. The Soul of the Sky
~Noel Cobb

7. The Russian Spirit of Place
~Cherry Gilchrist

8. A Dimensional Model for the Relationship of Consciousness and Cosmos: Mathematical Abstraction versus Conscious Experience
~Robert Hand

9. Sun Gods and Moon Deities in Africa
~Jarita C. Holbrook

10. Where the Heavens Meet the Earth: Inspirations from the Lives of Carl Jung, Jalal-u-din Rumi and Mahatma Ghandi
~Nicholas Pearson

11. Understanding the Modern Disenchantment of the Cosmos
~Richard Tarnas

12. The Secret Life of Statues
~Angela Voss

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