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Publisher: New York University Press (3 Aug. 2012)
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When you think of astrology, you may think of the horoscope section in your local paper, or of Nancy Reagan’s consultations with an astrologer in the White House in the 1980s. Yet almost every religion uses some form of astrology: some way of thinking about the sun, moon, stars, and planets and how they hold significance for human lives on earth.

Astrology and Cosmology in the World’s Religions offers an accessible overview of the astrologies of the world’s religions, placing them into context within theories of how the wider universe came into being and operates. Campion traces beliefs about the heavens among peoples ranging from ancient Egypt and China, to Australia and Polynesia, and India and the Islamic world.

Addressing each religion in a separate chapter, Campion outlines how, by observing the celestial bodies, people have engaged with the divine, managed the future, and attempted to understand events here on earth. This fascinating text offers a unique way to delve into comparative religions and will also appeal to those intrigued by New Age topics.


“This innovative study presents astrologies and cosmologies – broadly conceived – as counterparts and mirrors of human societies. Unlike most students of astrology, Campion transcends the limitations of the Western tradition to examine the nature and roles of astrological and cosmological concepts in cultures from all continents. His examples provide original insights into how cosmologies shape these cultures’ artistic, intellectual, and religious activities.”
~Stephen McCluskey, West Virginia University

“Campion’s Astrology and Cosmologyis an ambitious examination of cosmologies and astrologies from around the world. The diversity of cultures Campion includes is impressive.”
~Jacqueline Feke, History of Astronomy

“What is up in the sky has significance in almost every religion, and this book looks at Australia, Oceania, North America, South and Central America, Sub-Sahara Africa, Egypt, China, India, Babylon, Judaism, Classical Greece with Christianity, Islam, and ‘Theosophical, New Age, and Pagan Cosmologies.'”
~Gareth J. Medway, The Magonia Blog: Astrology and Religion

Astrology and Cosmology

in the World’s Religions

Table of Contents


1. Cosmology and Religion: Measurement and Meaning

2. Astrology: The Celestial Mirror

3. Australia: The Dreaming

4. Oceania: Navigating the Sky

5. North America: The Great Spirit

6. South and Central America: Salvation and Sacrifice

7. Sub-Saharan Africa: Heaven on Earth

8. Egypt: The Solar Society

9. China: The Celestial Offices

10. India: Ancient Traditions and Modern Practice

11. Babylon: Signs in the Sky

12. Judaism: Myth, Magic, and Transcendence

13. Classical Greece: Ascent to the Stars

14. Christianity: Influence and Transcendence

15. Islam: Faith and Reason

16. Theosophical, New Age, and Pagan Cosmologies: Nature and Transformation




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