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Publisher: Routledge (28 July 2012)
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This book explores an area of contemporary religion, spirituality and popular culture which has not so far been investigated in depth, the phenomenon of astrology in the modern west. Locating modern astrology historically and sociologically in its religious, New Age and millenarian contexts, Nicholas Campion considers astrology’s relation to modernity and draws on extensive fieldwork and interviews with leading modern astrologers to present an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the origins and nature of New Age ideology. This book challenges the notion that astrology is either ‘marginal’ or a feature of postmodernism. Concluding that astrology is more popular than the usual figures suggest, Campion argues that modern astrology is largely shaped by New Age thought, influenced by the European Millenarian tradition, that it can be seen as an heir to classical Gnosticism and is part of the vernacular religion of the modern west.


“This is a wonderful book, which has a lot of important things to say, not just about astrology, but about the nature of modern Western society.’ Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol, UK ‘Not concerned with the truth of its claims, Campion establishes a foundation for sociological inquiry to close a lacuna in understanding astrology’s cultural status in contemporary Anglo-American society. To this end, he examines apocalyptic millenarianism, the New Age movement, Christian and “scientistic” rivalry in relation to the persistent fascination with the language of zodiac signs and the “judicial” astrological industry that has arisen from it. Campion’s comprehensive approach ranges from fortune-telling, media popularity and the complex skills involved with the discipline to philosophical and theological concerns with ethics.”
~Michael York, Cherry Hill Seminary, USA and Co-director London Academy for Cultural and Educational Studies

“Modern Western Astrology and Popular Religion (2016/First edition 2012).Chapter 1, “Introduction: Million-dollar business?”I believe that most of the commentary on astrology by many people — scientists, religionists, journalists… — are not based on the works of astrologers, their readers, and clients of the flesh and astrologers. The chapter in which the author verifies the purpose of this book – whether astrology is religion, astrology is New Age… etc.
Whether the author Campion spends 254 pages of text on a subject such as why, it may be difficult to understand to people outside the English region, including us Japanese.
However, in English culture, there is little reliable information about the space occupied by astrology right now. This book is an attempt to prepare to correct this situation… (pp. 5).
Chapter 2 describes the millennial kingdom (apocalypse, apocalypse), chapters 3 to 5 refer to the age of Aquarius, the New Age, and their relationship with astrology.
Chapter 6 describes the Astrology of the New Age, Chapter 7 describes the solar sign astrology (= one of the various forms of astrology – from academic to face-to-face sessions, up to 12 constellations columns in magazines). Chapters 2 to 7 are also excellent astrological history materials ranging from Mesopotamian astrology to Jonathan Keiner.
Historian and cultural theorist Patrick Curry, known for having written many academic articles on astrology history, was a journalist who was trying to take astrology a great deal with astrology in 2001. Are you a (astrological) believer? (are you a believer?)”Chapter 8 and 10 are Astrological Faith, Chapter 9 is Astrology, Religion, and Faith.
Chapters 11-13 were conducted from 1999-2003 to the public, astrologer, and astrologer learner surveys and data, and 39 prominent astrologersInteresting chapters based on interviews. Chapter 14 summarizes.”
~R. Hutton, historian.Reviewed in Japan (17 November 2020)

Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern West

Prophecy, Cosmology and the New Age Movement

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: a million-dollar business?

2. Cosmic liberation: the pursuit of the millennium

3. The shock of the new: the age of Aquarius

4. Celestial enlightenment: the new age

5. End times: the new age and the age of Aquarius

6. The writing of heaven: new age astrology

7. Oracles to the vulgar: sun-sign astrology

8. An evolutionary paradox: the survival of belief in astrology

9. Salvation and the stars: astrology, religion and belief

10. Superstitious times: the extent of belief in astrology

11. Belief in astrology: a public survey

12. In their own words: the astrologers’ universe of discord

13. With their own voices: interviews with astrologers

14. Conclusion: modernity and normality

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