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M A Rashed

The Harmony Debates
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M. A. Rashed earned her master’s degree in Cultural Astronomy from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and is currently pursuing her doctoral studies at the Department of Religion at Rice University in Texas. Her major research interest is pre-Islamic and Islamic cultural astronomy and cosmology in its all manifestations, whether classical or contemporary, ‘mathematical’ or ‘folkloric’, ‘scientific’ or ‘mystical’, extending in geography from Central Asia to Northern Africa and Andalusia. She is also very interested in studying the corpus of Islamic eschatology and apocalyptica, and Islamic movements which were mobilized by such literature, from the cosmological perspective of cultural astronomy. Her current academic projects include translating to English a seventeenth century Ottoman apocalyptic text, editing and transcribing a sixteenth century Syrian apocalyptic manuscript, and a joint-article on Bedouin poetry of Arabia with Dr. Daniel Varisco, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Historical Studies, Princeton. She had also recently contributed to a forthcoming anthology of apocalyptic authors by Eyüp Ӧztürk, professor of Islamic History and Arts at Trabzon University in Turkey, and David Cook, professor of Islamic studies at Rice University. To aid her research, Mai is studying Ottoman Turkish, Attic and Byzantine Greek in addition to Classical and Medieval Latin.

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