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Dr. Luci Attala

The Harmony Debates
Dr Luci Attala is a senior lecturer in Anthropology at UWTSD. Her ethnographic work focuses on how water’s physical behaviours in Kenya, Spain and Wales shape people’s lives. Adopting a posthuman, New Materialities framework, Luci’s work rejects the environmental violence and domination that human exceptionalist perspectives produce and offers an alternative material lens with which to view how the other-than-human agents play a part in determining the ways that lives can be lived. Rather than inert resources, Luci considers materials’ shifting patterns of behaviour to be co-generative regulators that provoke and resist human action, as much as enable it. Luci has also written about eating/edibility, plants and the body. She co-edits the Materialities in Archaeology and Anthropology series with University of Wales Press; she has been part of the Harmony Initiative from the outset; won the Green Gown Award in 2015; is a member of the Educere Alliance; and sits on the Board of Directors for Campus Global, an alternative education platform that runs out of Oxford University.

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