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Dr. Crystal Addey

The Harmony Debates
Dr Crystal Addey is a Lecturer in Classics at University College Cork, an honorary Research Fellow in Classics at the University of St Andrews, and a Tutor for the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales Trinity St. David (the latter since 2008). She is the author of Divination and Theurgy in Neoplatonism: Oracles of the gods (Ashgate 2014) and has published numerous articles and essays on divination, ritual and religion in Neoplatonism and late antiquity, on the reception of Plato and Socrates in late antiquity, and on women, gender and ancient philosophy. She is an elected member of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies, a Research Fellow of the Foro di Studi Avanzati Gaetano Massa (FSA; Gaetano Massa Forum for the Advanced Study of the Humanities), Rome, Italy, and an associate member of the Centre of Late Antique Religion and Culture, Cardiff University.

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