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Angie Polkey

The Harmony Debates
HD Angie Polkey photo
Angie is a founder member of the Lampeter Permaculture Group and Lampeter Resilience Hub. Her background in ecological research and nature conservation helps her understand – and teach – the natural principles, patterns and processes that have inspired permaculture. Angie first learnt about and practised permaculture in a tiny urban garden in Sussex and then moved to Wales with her husband in 1997. Their small acreage in west Wales has several forest gardens, vegetable beds, a polytunnel, wildlife habitats, and hard-working chickens, and is designed to minimise inputs and optimise sustainable outputs over the longer term. After a long career working for conservation organisations such as the RSPB, Wildlife Trusts, Learning through Landscapes, Denmark Farm Conservation Centre and PONT Cymru, Angie now advises landowners on how to improve their sites ecologically, teaches permaculture. and facilitates participatory democracy towards positive sustainable change.

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