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The Press’s work is based in the Humanities and crosses history, anthropology, philosophy and archaeology. We examine the role of cosmological, astronomical and astrological beliefs, models and ideas in human culture, including the theory and practice of myth, magic, divination, religion, spirituality, architecture, politics and the arts in any time period or culture. We consider the ways in which people have tried to live in harmony with the cosmos, the sky and nature, touch on ecology, and deal with the modern world as well as with indigenous or ancient cultures. We consider the nature of the space and place on Earth as well as in the sky, and recent publications consider the narratives and ethics of modern space exploration.  We deal with both theory and practice.

Our Overview

The Sophia Centre Press was established as a spinout company from the University of Wales, Lampeter (now the University of Wales Trinity Saint David), in 2008. It publishes in partnership with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, publishes and promotes scholarly work, and sponsors and organises conferences and courses related to the work of the University’s Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, and the Harmony Institute. All profit is dedicated to supporting scholarship in related areas.

The Sophia Centre

The Sophia Centre was established at Bath Spa University in 2002and moved to the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in 2007, where it is a teaching and research centre in the Institute of Education and Humanities


The Press is closely associated with the University’s Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture and two ground-breaking degree programmes, the Master’s programme in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and the Master’s programme in Ecology and Spirituality

For the Sophia Centre’s mission and teaching see here

For the Sophia Centre’s research see here.

For our outreach page, with details of classes, conferences and other activities see The Sophia Project.

The Press also collaborates with the University’s Harmony Institute.

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