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About the Sophia Centre Press
Established as a spinout company from the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David (UW TSD), the Sophia Centre Press publishes and promotes scholarly work, sponsors and organises conferences and courses related to the work of the Sophia Centre at UW TSD. All profit is dedicated to supporting scholarship in the history, philosophy and practices of astrology and cultural astronomy, and cosmology and culture.

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The Sophia Centre Press is dedicated to publishing the leading research in Cosmology and Culture

We are excited to publish and promote the works from the Sophia Centre’s two flagship degree programs: Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (MA) and Ecology and Spirituality (MA)

The Press’ work is partly historical, partly anthropological, partly philosophical and partly archaeological. We examine the role of cosmological, astronomical and astrological beliefs, models and ideas in human culture, including the theory and practice of myth, magic, divination, religion, spirituality, architecture, politics and the arts. We consider the ways in which people have tried to live in harmony with the cosmos, and deals with the modern world as well as with indigenous or ancient practices. Ranging from the study of Neolithic sites to medieval cosmology, to the history of astrology in the ancient world, India and the West. We consider the nature of the space and place on Earth as well as in the sky, and recent publications consider the narratives and ethics of modern space exploration.  We consider any time period or culture.

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We regularly plan and host events that centre on our authors’ work. Browse through some of our most recent photos and enjoy the activity and liveliness that often accompany our book launches. We are proud to be active members in the Astrological community and look forward to many more events.